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GALHider 1.0

GALHider 1.0: Hide users in Exchange Global Address List via Active Directory tool GALHider allows network administrators to easily hide and show users in the Outlook Exchange Global Address List (GAL). GALHider works by searching for a list of users or contacts in Active Directory, based on a search term or member group that you provide. It then sets the msExchHideFromAddressLists flag to hide the list of users from the Exchange Global Address List. This is effective for all users who run Outlook on your network.

GALsync 4: Synchronize objects and Free/Busy data between multiple Exchange organizations
GALsync 4

Global Address List). Vice versa: You want all sales reps have access to information of a subset of the internal users. * Company take-over Because of a company take-over you have to integrate different Active Directories and Exchange organizations. You have to share all or subsets of all user and group information for Outlook/Exchange users in the Global Address List. *Company & Partners Your company has a partner company and you want to share some

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ContactGenie GalPort 1.0.1: ContactGenie GalPort - export MS Exchange Global Address List and Dist Groups
ContactGenie GalPort 1.0.1

ContactGenie GalPort for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange. Export Microsoft Exchange Global Address list and global distribution groups to text file or MS Access. Template support for repeated use. Export both MS Exchange, SMTP, Proxy addresses.

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IMI GAL Exporter 7.8.8: Export GAL and DList to DataBase
IMI GAL Exporter 7.8.8

IMI GAL Exporter for Microsoft Exchange Server is small utility for Exchange Admin to export GAL (Global Address List) and Distribution List Content to MS Access 2000 table. Obtain information about all the mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange Server 5.x or/and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003. User can select more of Mailbox, Distribution List, Custom Recipient properties from any Recipient container in Organization Tree and export it.

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Outlook TeamContacts 2.3: Manage company shared outlook contacts with or without a server.
Outlook TeamContacts 2.3

To get a good overview of your co-worker contacts in one global address list integrated with Outlook is a challange. TeamContacts is an easy to install Outlook add-on which solves the problem of outlook contact management effectively and flexibly. Share your Outlook Contacts! No Exchange Server required. Filter the address cards you want to share with categories. PDA is supported. Uses a shared database, no email connectivity required.

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ContactGenie Exporter Basic Ed 1.1.27: Advanced contact exporter for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange `2000-`2007
ContactGenie Exporter Basic Ed 1.1.27

Lists (PDL), MS Exchange Global Address List (GAL) and Global Distribution Groups (GDG). Export to MS Access, MS Excel and text files (CSV, Tab, and custom delimited). Output text format control for date, number, and currency fields for any pre-defined regional setting or user-defined format. Ability to export standardized values for CompanyName, FileAs, Email#DisplayAs fields. Strip alpha fax prefixes on export without affecting Outlook data (used

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List Cleaner Intravenous 3.01: Bulk Email Address List Cleaner that sorts, filters, and removes duplicates
List Cleaner Intravenous 3.01

Address List Cleaner that sorts, filters & removes duplicates from your bulk email lists. List Cleaner Intravenous v3.01 is the ultimate in Data Cleaning and preparing your email lists before sending out your advertisements and news letters. You can combine multiple lists into the bulk email address list cleaner and click on the cleaning button and continue to work, as your list becomes clean as a whistle! List Cleaner IV is a Bulk Email Address

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